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Edwards Harvey can assess your marketing needs and help you develop a range of strategic and tactical marketing services which suit your needs and your budget. Our team includes individuals with extensive experience of the marketing mix who can help companies and organisations make informed choices on their route to market.

Market research often forms the basis of a company's marketing strategy. Edwards Harvey is able to provide relevant services, whether the objective is to determine a client's position in the market place, to assess awareness of products and services, or to measure attitudes among customers or employees. We will ensure that an appropriate methodology is selected to meet the project objectives, considering the need for primary or secondary research, qualitative or quantitative.

Using one or a mixture of desk, telephone, face-to-face, postal, pavement or focus group techniques, our surveys can include:

  • Market studies, feasibility studies and PR omnibus surveys
  • Company audits and employee attitudinal programmes
  • Customer satisfaction surveys / exit polls

We can use this information to recommend a programme of activity featuring one or many parts of the marketing arsenal, including advertising, newsletters, launches, events, trade shows, tastings, demonstrations and social and digital campaigns.

Experience includes:
Harveys Furniture, Fremlin Walk, Kent Crisps, Kent Music.


Our team includes individuals with extensive experience of the marketing mix