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Crisis Management

When things go wrong or your company comes in for unwarranted criticism it is very easy for events to spin out of control. We are experts at handling the media and making sure that a setback doesn't turn into a full-blown crisis.

The best time to plan for disaster is when things are going well. We can help you to understand potential risks to your reputation and foresee possible problems before they occur.

Then we can devise a crisis management strategy aimed at making sure the problem is not exacerbated by hasty, ill-conceived comments or actions. We can also ensure that the facts of each case are clearly presented to the media.

Think of a crisis management strategy as an insurance policy for your reputation.

Our crisis management work includes:

  • Acting as a conduit between your company and the media
  • Based on your comments, preparing statements for the media, approved by you
  • Putting your side of the story in a simple, objective, detached way
  • Organising interviews with selected media if required
  • Complete discretion and confidentiality with sensitive material and information

Our experience includes:
Bill Shaw - public lobbying campaign to free ex-serviceman from Afghan jail.

We are experts in making sure that a setback doesn't turn into a full-blown crisis