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About Us

The team at Edwards Harvey comprises former journalists and career PR / marketing professionals. We also have a bank of specialist consultants whom we commission for particular projects.

Established in 1979, our client base includes blue chip multi-nationals, European enterprises, and regional and local businesses. Our experience includes construction, manufacturing, local authorities, leisure and tourism, food and drink, retail, legal affairs, charities, media, transport, and healthcare. We have a proven track record in creating successful public and media relations, marketing and advertising campaigns and events.

The ethos of the company ensures staff are properly trained and encouraged to be creative and highly proactive. The benefits are a very low staff turnover affording clients a consistent relationship with experienced executives who thoroughly enjoy the challenges set them.

The agency's attention to detail, considered opinions, aspiration to be part of 'the team' and sense of fun contribute to our acknowledged client service and the UK's record for the longest retained client.

We are the only PR consultancy in the UK retained by the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ) to provide short courses in PR for the media industry as a whole.

Our company ethos ensures staff are properly trained and encouraged to be creative and highly proactive